Should I Stay or Should I Go?


I’l be reading  December 2nd at Housing Works Bookstore in NYC for the Goodbye To All That anthology.

Editor of GTAT, Sari Bottn, at The Strand in NYC

Editor of GTAT, Sari Bottn, at The Strand in NYC

Vol 1 Brooklyn is putting on the event, and here’s was they say:

There is always that push and pull when it comes to living in New York: you love it, but you could probably do without the high rent, weird people, garbage, crazy cab drivers, loud noises pumping out from the streets at all hours of the day, and all the other random distractions that come with life as a New Yorker. Reading the essay collection Goodbye to All That really gives you a sense of the intense love/hate relationship most people have with living in New York and the conflicted feelings they might have about leaving no matter how much they love it, or how much they detest it.

Readers include:  Mike Albo, Emily Gould, Alexander Chee, Chloe Caldwell, Anna Holmes, Choire Sicha, Jon-Jon Goulian, Michelle Dean, Elissa Bassist, and Isaac Fitzgerald. 

The event is free and starts at 7 pm. RSVP at Facebook.

Please come say hi to me!! Super excited to read with this lineup. It will also be my first trip to the city in over a year.



Buy the book here. It’s in it’s third printing!


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