CHLOE CALDWELL is the author of the novella, WOMEN, (SF/LD Books, 2014) and the essay collection Legs Get Led Astray (Future Tense Books, 2012). Chloe’s next essay collection, I’ll Tell You In Person, will release fall of 2016 from CoffeeHouse & Emily Books. She lives in Hudson, New York.

Email Chloe: cocomonet@gmail.com

Chloe’s work has appeared in VICESalon.com, The Rumpus, Hobart, Nylon, The Nervous Breakdown, xoJane, The Frisky, The Sun Magazine, SMITH, Jewcy, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, Vol 1. Brooklyn, Freerange Nonfiction, The Faster Times, The Fix,  and Men’s HealthShe has essays in the anthologies: Goodbye To All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving NYC (Seal Press), GIRLS? (Thought Catalog), and True Tales of Lust and Love (Soft Skull Press), Days Like This and Shades of Blue (Seal Press).

Chloe teaches memoir at Gotham Writer’s Workshop in New York City , online personal essay class through Litreactor, and personal essay writing at Catapult in NYC.

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  1. I cannot believe you’re going to have a book come out next year! I googled your name over a year ago and have been reading stuff you have written on various sites since. THEN I found that you are going to be published. I am so excited; bookmarking this page so that I can keep updated! XO


  2. I discovered you this morning after reading a recommendation by Sugar on the Rumpus. After devouring your essays for the past hour, I’m hooked. I can’t wait to buy your book.

  3. I read your essay; The ethical slut revisited, and loved it. You’ve made me feel much more confident about my feelings and how they are just as valid even though they are not poly. You’re such a talented writer and easy to connect to! :)

  4. Hey, Chloe, thanks for the book, which I just finished- wonderful, unpretentious, full of life, remarkable (and this from a person who reads very little and hates everything)… congratulations, and please keep up the good work!

  5. I read Acne/Heroin on Salon today at work during my lunch break. I actually was planning on going outside for lunch but I never made it. Instead I microwaved some chicken in the stockroom and sat on a stool with my phone reading your essay. It took me a while after I finished to leave it behind. Now, many hours later, a well wishing and a “nice work!” I look forward to reading more of yours.



  6. I think I was trying to read about human trafficking (nice Friday night activity) when I saw your Salon article in the sidebar. I clicked on it because it said “heroin” and I read everything about drugs because it’s slightly healthier than my habit of actually doing them. I actually almost skipped it when I realized it really was about acne. I’m glad I didn’t; I cried. I kind of love you.

  7. I think I was trying to read about human trafficking (normal Friday night activity) when I saw your Salon article in the sidebar. I clicked on it because it said “heroin” and, well, I read everything about drugs because it’s slightly healthier than my habit of actually doing them. I almost skipped it when I realized it really was about acne. I’m glad I didn’t; I cried. I kind of love you.

  8. Hi Chloe. Regards to your Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable write up… (for some reason, I could not post comments to that page)

    Hi Chloe. I’m Andrew, a tenant of one of Malina Nealis’ buildings in Greenpoint. She’s a total slumlord – we have not had heat, hot water, or cooking gas in the entire building since December 3rd. She ignores all our requests to fix major things, such as the ceiling that that COLLAPSED in my bathroom. We call 311 every day, and she follows up with text messages for us to “Stop calling 311!”, which borders on harassment. She didn’t show up when we took her to housing court. Yesterday, she physically assaulted me on the street when I was filming her with my iPhone and I asked her to not obstruct HPD from coming back and restoring our heat and hot water (i should show you the video!). Then today she assaulted another tenant. The police came, and she was arrested. She made bail, and she’s in fact downstairs right now, no doubt figuring out how to vacate us from the building. Your blog came up when I did a google search of Malina Nealis. Anyway, I wanted to write to say you are not alone! We have to find a way to stop this woman from being a landlord in New York City. Best wishes, andrew

  9. Hi.I am attending the AWP in Seattle. I missed your presentation this morning, unfortunately. I wondered if we could meet for a chat over tea or a beer. You have an authentic voice. I like the diversity and range of the publications you work with. I can best be reached via my mobile# 415-302-3267.

  10. Hi Chloe,
    Maggie Little-Reece’s partner here, I thought I would contact you since I’m in nyc now (Mar 21). I was wondering if you were still entertaining the idea of possibly renting a place in Brooklyn, maybe my place? I fly back to PDX this coming Monday night, so if you’re around and are still thinking about it, shoot me an email and we can connect.

  11. I read your article on heroin and acne. Because my acne got worse when I used. I didn’t even really have it anymore until I used. Anyways, once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. You write beautifully. I couldn’t wait to find a picture of you, shallow as I am. Besides, you yourself said you had great bone structure, shallow as you are too. Anyways, you are beautiful, blah blah, but I wish I didn’t feel disappointed. Now you are a real person, and when I just read your words in my head, with my imagination, with everything I related too, to these words on a page… I think you are truly a beautiful writer first, and just as beautiful on the outside. But writing, that comes first. You could be, ahem, pardon my morbidity, burned in a car accident, and you would still be beautiful. Because those words, those words on the page…

    I love em. Thanks for a good 45 minutes. I couldn’t stop once I started (That’s what she said! lol. sorry. Way to ruin the mood, Zach)

  12. Hi Chloe, I’m so excited to read your new book! I just read your post about Lena D loving your book (how wonderful) and had to let you know it’s after her post on instagram that I discovered you and am about to buy your book. I wondered if you’d seen this interview with LD from The New Yorker Festival, you probably have and perhaps you were even there, but just in case, here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltCeyNEWZcg
    Tracey H – Auckland, New Zealand

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  18. I so wish I could write like you…. Well, I’m just starting out at blogging, so one day MAYBE I’ll be able to write as eloquently and stunningly as you. :)

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