On Monday night, Karina was my date to the GIRLS HBO Premier at the Museum of Natural History. I had one of the best nights everrrrrrrr. Karina was hoping to meet Kristie Alley and/or confront Taylor Swift on feminism, and though neither of those things happened, we did intercept a bunch of celebs including Gabby Hoffman!!! And the chicks from the brilliant Broad City. I got told I look like Christina Applegate and Lena confirmed to Karina’s face that they do in fact, look alike.

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Everyone was talking about the last scene in the film Squid & The Whale

Everyone was talking about the last scene in the film Squid & The Whale.


Karina confronting Alex/Ray on the time he didn't tip her at the cafe she worked at in Greenpoint

Karina confronting Alex/Ray on the time he didn’t tip her at the cafe she worked at in Greenpoint

When we looked at these pics the next day, K and I both agreed..."we look like adult women"

When we looked at these pics the next day, K and I both agreed…”we look like adult women”


Lena and I getting cozy

Lena D and me getting cozy

<3 <3 <3

broken girl cookie

broken girl cookie

Afterwards, we had to take it down a notch and K and I ended up at Kellogg’s Diner with grilled cheese and chicken fingers and Budweisers. Overall, a gorgeous and memorable night. The two new episodes of GIRLS they showed were hysterical, and Elijah especially KILLS IT. I took this photo of him taking a selfie and he saw me……Oh well, YOLO, am I right?

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who is elle macpherson, really.


WOMEN made Electric Literature’s Best Novels of 2014 list. Along w one of my fave books: Department Of Speculation by Jenny Offill.

Best Novels

It was also featured in this list on Brooklyn Magazine! 

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.33.35 PM

If you liked
Adelle Waldman’s The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.
Women by Chloe Caldwell

You know how Waldman’s debut novel was a look at a series of relationships with complicated, real women told through the POV of a smug, irritating male writer? Well! Imagine how awesome it would be to read something about a series of relationships with complicated, real women from the POV of a complicated, real woman? Pretty awesome, right? You have no idea; Caldwell’s Women will blow you away.


i was sitting in a bar in greenwich village last week w/ my friend erika drinking a negroni and got a notification that elle macpherson tweeted and blogged about my book WOMEN. i told erika, i don’t know who elle macphereson is. and she was like, “dude! duh! she’s a super model.” then i looked her up and remembered when she dated joey on FRIENDS. i used to LOVE FRIENDS. that’s what’s fun and interesting about putting your art into the world. you have no idea whose hands it will end up in.

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the block


I’m sort of getting around it in  2015. details below and hope i can see some of you somewhere.

Denver, Colorado

January 17th, 2015


Reading, Signing, and  Q&A



San Francisco, California

February 12th 2015

Radar Reading Series

San Francisco Public Library, 111 Larkin Street, Latino Reading Room, Basement Level

With  Brent Armendinger, Ryka Aoki e la Cruz, and Samantha Chanse.



New York City: February 26th 2015

Housing Works Bookstore

Elisa Albert’s AFTER BIRTH book launch

Elisa Albert, Paula Bomer, Anya Uilnich, Rebecca Wolff, Meaghan O’connell



Brooklyn, NY: April 9th 2015

Pete’s Candy Store

with Elisa Albert 



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FANZINE reviewed WOMEN. 

Women, like Caldwell’s first book, Legs Get Led Astray, is positively feral and coyly voyeuristic, inviting questions as to whether the memoir is autobiographical or not. Along with unpretentious prose that’s stripped of adverbs and metaphors but jacked up with dark humor, it’s the “is this or isn’t this” question that makes Caldwell’s work so readable.

Anyone who has suffered through apologetic fictionalized memoirs where the narrator spends every other page reminding you that she is 1) ashamed 2) confused 3) conflicted about the things that she is sharing with the reader will race through this nimble novella like a child gunning for the stairs.”

female friends o 2014


I was texting w my friend Steph last night and was like, “Yr one of my fave friends I made in 2014″ and then I got inspired to make a list because I’ve made some sweet ass writer friends in the past year since I’ve moved home to New York. And some I’ve known longer than that, and some I know from Portland and Austin, etc–but in the past year we’ve cemented our friendships. Coincidentally–they are all talented writers. So click their names and it will bring you to their words and art.

It’s really popular lately to write essays about cultivating female friendships, which is interesting. It’s almost a genre.

Friend I never expected to be friends with cause she was too cool for me, but lucky me: Steph Georgopolous

Friend I get to meet in person for the first time after talking via phone and skype and text and email since August 2012 and who I <3 like crazy: Erika Kleinman

Friend who sends me the best links and is fiercely loyal: Angela Giles Patel

Friend whose WILD success makes me wildly giddy and who I spent some much needed quality time with in Cali this past summer: Cheryl Strayed

Friend who picks up with me right where we left off, and who I have phenomenal adult sleepovers with and feel I can tell anything to: Molly Oswaks 

Friend I’ve secretly wanted to be friends with since 2010 and finally did and my life has become better with her in it, shes V generous and kind and a fantastic book and leggings reccommender: Emily Gould

Friend who I’d like to know better and whose single people dinners on IG comfort me: Ruth Curry

Friend who has an amazing novel coming out in Feb 2015 and who has been full of beautiful support and who I’m excited and proud to know: Elisa Albert

Friend who doubles as a life coach–Lena Dunham has Jenni Konner–But I have: Frances Badalamenti

Okay, I can’t call her a friend, but woman who read with me at Housing Works who I never dressed I’d be so lucky to read with: Elizabeth Wurtzel. Same goes for Domenica Ruta and Ramona Emerson. 

Friend who I know if I ever got married, I would probably have in my wedding, because she makes me feel like my best and happiest self, and friend who challenges me and I have a good book sharing system with: Karina Briski

Friend I met and then went on book tour for 3 weeks with and was charming: Mira Gonzalez

Friend I became closer with and I think I’m beginning to “get” more: Chelsea Martin 

Friend who published WOMEN and helped me turn it into an edited book rather than the mess it was: Elizabeth Ellen

Friends I made via teaching at Litreactor: Meghan Nesmith, Rennee Risher (and through them, Logan Sachon)

Friend who nerdily obsesses over vitamins with me and whose support I’m honored to possess: Lena Dunham 

Friend who I experienced Big Sur and too much wine and toast with, along with raccoon and rat sightings and who kissed my forehead when I was drunk and crying between her and Cheryl Strayed (this nite was fucked): Kristen Forbes

Friend who I made while sitting on a couch in Bushwick and clicked with quickly: Robin Grearson

Friend who is dear to me and stayed in my life longer than I expected: Milcah Orbacedo

Friend who got drunk and played OASIS  on guitar: Lucy K Shaw 

Friend who died to soon: Maggie Estep. 

Friend who is best to talk about TV shows with: Alison Pels

My soul mate friend: Eliza Plumlee.

If you’re not on this list, know that it’s because I literally did this off the top of my head in like 20 minutes and that I still <3 you.


Me, Robin, and Steph

With Erin, Cheryl, and Kristen in Big Sur

With Erin, Cheryl, and Kristen in Big Sur

Karina, Steph, and Robin a few weekends ago.

Karina, Steph, and Robin a few weekends ago.

books o 2014


Was excited to see Lena chose WOMEN as one of her favorite books of 2014 in The Guardian on Saturday. Purchase WOMEN for a friend this holiday!


It made me think about what my fave books of 2014 were. But I can’t think of any that came out in 2014 that I loved. I think I am blanking. So I’m going to list the books I read while I wrote WOMEN. I have really fond memories of this past spring, because each week I’d request a different book from the library. I read a bunch of novellas and novels about twisted relationships to inform the way I wrote WOMEN. Here they are:

Loverboy by Victoria Redel

The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison

Louise, Amended by Louise Krug

Written on The Body by Jeanette Winterson

The End of The Story by Lydia Davis

The Buddhist by Dodie Bellamy

Sita by Kate Millett

Intimacy by Hanif Kareshi

Breakup by Catherine Texier

Walks With Men by Ann Beattie

God, Irony, and Glass by Anne Carson

tour documentary


Here’s our reality TV show style book tour documentary. Watch at your own risk. Edited by Chelsea Martin. My fave parts are the “Chloe’s a bitch” montage and the “It was good” montage. And the Blues Traveler conflict, obvi. I also love when Chelsea says “No one’s gonna stop writing.”

I’m pissed about a lot of the angles I am filmed in. But I feel like the new liberating thing to do is post photos/videos of times when you DON’T look good. It’s an exercise in control. Hehe. ( :

if you like this book by a man, you’ll love this book by a woman


This made me v happy yesterday. From Buzzfeed Books by Jessica Schaffer. Cool idea.

If You Like This Book By A Man, You’ll Love This Book By A Woman

23. David Sedaris, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim → Chloe Caldwell, Legs Get Led Astray

There’s an art to addressing weighty issues with humor and grace, and both Sedaris and Caldwell have it down pat. Add to that an ear for the poetic and you get Legs Get Led Astray, Caldwell’s debut collection of essays.

Quotable line: “My mother wanted to be Betty Boop. Betty Boop was independent. Betty Boop was sexy. Betty Boop really had her shit together, you know?”


My brother totally gave me that Sedaris book, christmas….2005 maybe? On tour last month we listened to Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls on tape in the van. Effing hilarious.

I have a box of 10 LGLAS if anyone wants to purchase one.

What are you reading? I’m reading Meghan Daum’s essay collection UNSPEAKABLE. No one write essays like she does.

Emily Books


WOMEN is now an Emily Book. 

Read our convo: Emily and Chloe Talk: On Being A Fan Of Yourself.  

I love when EG says this:

I feel like it’s my duty somehow to celebrate women’s grosser darker weirder aspects cause everyone has gross dark weird aspects.


Emily: It’s hard to tell sometimes whether you’re just fascinated by someone’s terribleness. On the other hand, female terribleness often has something legit and cool in it.

Chloe: Elizabeth Wurtzel for example?

Emily: I think she’s great. I totally get why people find her irritating. But she does too, I think.

Chloe:  ‘More, Now, Again’ of hers is my fave.

Emily: It’s my fave too. It’s the best one.

Chloe: Plucking the leg hairs! On ritalin!

Emily: (typing simultaneously) Dude, the compulsive leg hair plucking.

and later….

Emily: A big obstacle women writers put in their own way is not being like “I’m a genius and the shit, everything I do is golden,” which is the default setting of so many mediocre dudes.

Chloe: True. I feel, to an extent, like don’t have that obstacle.

Emily I mean, I’d say “be more Kanye” except obviously what fuels Kanye is profound insecurity, which is what makes him so sympathetic.

Chloe: The thing I feel most secure about is my writing identity.

Emily: Yeah, you’re a fan of yourself. I like that about you.

Chloe: I get so sick of women not championing themselves, putting themselves down. What other women writers do you think are fans of themselves?

Emily: And not, like, fans in a defensive overcompensate-y way?

Chloe: Right. Like, genuine.

Emily: Oh, well, lesbians. Ann Rower is a fan of herself. 

Emily Books

Learn more about Emily Books. To say I share a similar taste of books with Ruth and Emily would be an understatement. EB is how I learned about one of my fave books, The Buddhist by Dodie Bellamy, and found out about Lee and Elaine by Ann Rower, Empathy by Sarah Schulman, etc.They champion small press, women, blurred genre, nonfiction, and books that generally fall between the cracks. Can’t recommend them more!

P.S. If you’ve read WOMEN, maybe you could review it on Goodreads or Amazon? Thank you!

P.P.S. I am open for one on one memoir manuscript or personal essay editing/critiquing. Email me at cocomonet@gmail.com

RIP Leslie Feinberg


I’m obsessed with two conversations right now. This one with Leslie Jamison at The Rumpus and this one at FSG with Meghan Daum, (whose new essay collection released today! I ordered one). If you write nonfiction, or are thinking about writing nonfiction, these are not to be missed.

“I think that when you write about yourself (and I consider this a dubious enterprise, despite my heavy trafficking in it), the debt you owe the reader for indulging you is to be mercilessly honest. You have to be willing to present your lowest moments. Otherwise, you’re just promoting yourself. You’re writing a personal ad. What’s more, you have to present those moments in such a way that the reader knows that you know how low they are. You can’t just lay them out there like “Look what a jerk I was!” They have to mean something. There has to be insight born of hindsight. Otherwise, you’re only confessing your sins and asking the reader to forgive you. And that is a complete misuse of the writer’s power and unfair to the reader.” ———-> Meghan Daum

Poets & Writers asked me what I do when I have writer’s block, and I said—> I watch movie trailers. 

Leslie Feinberg died over the weekend. I read Stone Butch Blues a year and a half ago on a friend’s recommendation. It was a pivotal time in my life, reading this book. The copy I read had this cover; I spilled a cup of coffee on it, the edges were curled, and I read it outside on my yoga mat in the sun each morning. It broke my heart; it comforted me; I learned things. When I finished my friend and I went out for beers and discussed it. I mention Stone Butch Blues twice in my new book WOMEN. I liked this essay on the book, and this article. Buy this book.