Hudson Valley Small Press Fair

Yesterday I went to The 6th Annual Hudson Valley Literary Festival. It was 70 degrees outside and an all around wonderful day.  My friend Hannah, (who just got back into town after graduating with her psychology degree!) and I went out to breakfast first, (fruit salad, pancakes, bacon, coffee) and then made our way over to the Hudson Opera House. Hannah and I also attended the small press fair in buffalo this past March. We’re like small press fair attending comrades.

They were selling some great books for $4 and magazines for $2. I didn’t buy anything though, because I have stacks of books in twenties all around my room that I have to get to.  I was happy to see some presses I really like, such as Upstreet and Ugly Ducking Press.

These books below piqued my interest. They were called “Open Face Sandwich Journals Of Uncommon Prose.”

Later, we got some sun in this place I like to call “The Urban Park.”  You can’t tell from the picture, but it is quite urban–it even has a projector.

Then we watched some bands at Helsinki, had a cheese plate, including the dankest cheese I’ve ever eaten, drank some beers and hugged in the bathroom. We’ve really been missing each other.


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