Week Recap

Hi Peeps!

How goes it? I had a pretty busy week–here’s a recap: I am very excited to find out that I will be included in the all female book: La Patasola Anthology: East Coast Writers.  It comes out in print in September 2011. The piece is called “Who The Others Were” and it is a collaboration I did with another woman writer. It’s also the opening number in my book,“Legs Get Led Astray.”

I have a collaborative (fiction!) piece I wrote with yt sumner in the new issue of Bluestem Magazine. It’s called “The Vegetable Game” and sort of neat, because we wrote it on opposite sides of the world this past winter. 

Lastly, a very special essay to me called “My Heart Was Still Beating” is featured in the Freshly Hatched section of Freerange Non-fiction.   I absolutely love Mira Ptacin and Molly Quinn, who run Freerange. I am counting the days until I will be reading at Piano’s on July 6TH.  You can read more about the show and the writers I am honored to be reading with, here.

Yesterday I went to Kingston and met Lauren Tamraz, the editor of The Hudson Valley inspired magazine: Awosting Alchemy.

It was so great–we talked over tacos about writing and writers we like. Then we found a gem of a used bookstore called Half Moon Books. I found a book by an author I love, Hugh Prather. The book is called “Notes On Love And Courage.” I also highly recommend his book: Notes To Myself.  I found it on the dollar carts of The Strand, about three years ago and carried it around with me for months.

That’s all for now. Happy June to you all!




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