Writing about Music & Books

Sometimes I am possessed by working on my essays.  This past winter and into the spring, I was consumed by one, so much so, that I cried at the site of spilled milk with my mom on her birthday at a French cafe and she asked me if I was pre-menstrual. “You’re like…..waterworks,” she said.

The essay that my ass was glued to the chair  five hours a day for, is now published on The Rumpus. They have a column called “Last Book I Loved” and I wrote about the book Mathilda Savitch  by Victor Lodato and suicide.  I always enjoy my writing process–but this one really sticks out to me. I felt like I was making a painting, as you will see, I weave paragraphs from the book in and out with my own.

Many thanks to the books editor Karen Duffin at The Rumpus, who helped me  with edits and decided the essay should be a site feature, something they usually don’t do with “Last Book I Loved” essays, and to the managing editor,  Isaac Fitzgerald who makes things look nice and who emailed me this morning and wrote: “That shit was magic.” I read many of my favorite essays on The Rumpus, likes these ones by Lidia Yukanavitch and  Stephen Elliott. Though I’m yet to get a Rumpus tattoo like Isaac’s,  I do have one of their  mugs, which derived from the Sugar column that you can read here.

Isaac, rocking his Rumpus tattoo
"Write Like A Motherfucker" mug.


Yesterday on Sunday, three things happened:

1) Backstory: Ryan Werner asked me to contribute a song to his project: Our Band Could Be Your Lit.  I gave him a choice of a few and he  chose “Buriedfed” by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and wrote a story based on it. I am number 35 out of the 100 stories he is doing. I think it came out very well, here is the song and the story and some scarily true things Ryan said about me.

2)  My  interview with Otto Hauser, local musician of Hudson, New York, and drummer of the band Vetiver,went live at The Faster Times. Otto is very thoughtful and there are tons of great videos and music recommendations on there.

3) I am happy to have some Berlin Vignettes included in “Sunday Stories” on Vol 1 Brooklyn. I really, really, like that site and am honored to be included next to writers I love such as Sean H. Doyle, Jason Diamond and Katherine Hybenova. Vol 1 Brooklyn also had an interview with musician Marisa Nadler, a musician I love, a few days ago.

That’s all I got. Thanks for checking in.  Off to get fresh air.




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