5 Week Hiatus

This past Wednesday I did my first reading. It was in New York City at a bar/restaurant called Pianos. I drove to New York with a friend and halfway there realized I forgot my essay. Then we ran out of gas in Brooklyn. Regardless of those two set backs, we arrived at Pianos at 7p.m. on the dot, right when the doors opened.  I read my essay “Yes To Carrots” and it was nerve-wracking and adrenaline pumping and I loved it. Here are a few shots:

The audience cracked me up.

In other news, tomorrow I leave for Omega Teen Camp where I will live and work for the next five weeks. I won’t have much access  to my cell phone or to a computer. This means I most likely won’t update this site, do a Love & Musica column for The Faster Times, or bombard your phone with text messages when I’m hopped up on coffee. (I’m talking to you, Kevin Sampsell.)

At camp I will be teaching Memoir writing and Power Vinyasa Yoga. I’m also signed on for Sculpt Fitness, Boot Camp, Jewelry Making, Dance Like No One Is Watching, Silent Meditation Walk, Body Painting, Song Interpretation, and Shelter Building. The only one I have a problem with is Shelter Building.  I’m not even good at making forts when I’m babysitting–I usually just put a blanket up over the ottoman and couch and sit under it. That said, maybe I’ll learn something!

If you feel compelled to send me a letter, my address there is 115 Camp Road, Holmes, NY 12531. I will write you back!

Oh, and the book I was waiting for arrived just in time for camp. It looks so amazing. The contents are organized by theme and form, and there are many authors and essays I can’t wait to read: Joan Didion, E.B. White, Richard Rodriguez, Annie Dillard and tons more.

My summer reading--770 pages

Thank you for checking in, and have a lovely July and August! Wish me luck at camp! I’m sure I’ll return with a shit ton of writing material, as I will be living in a cedar log cabin for four weeks with five teenage girls. I’m excited to see what they’re like.



P.s…Speaking of readings, here is an interesting article about the pros and cons of them in The New York Observer:  No One Cares About Your Reading.

P.p.s…Around July 20th, I should have a guest post on The Lit Pub about a chapter in The Chronology Of Water.


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