Sweet Summer

Hey all!

As mentioned in the previous post: I’ve been away for the summer at Omega Teen Camp–subdivision of Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. For the past four weeks I’ve been teaching creative writing and yoga. So far, so good, though I am physically and mentally spent. I’ve learned about and experienced many new things–(trance dance and trust fall, to name a couple) and I know that this is a difficult, yet life changing experience.  Here are some photos from my classes:

Doing some writing prompts and read-alouds.

Me with my incredible and brave teen writers.
Reading Pema Chodron aloud during a relaxation class.

It was ridiculously hot out. Reading from "Comfortable With Uncertainty."
Downward Facing Dog!

In about a week, I will return. Then it’s back to the grind to work on some new material for my upcoming book and prepare for my West Coast excursion. Yippee!

Lovelovelove and Namaste,


P.s. I interviewed  local author, Sarah Kilborne, here on The Rumpus.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Summer

  1. Cool pics!! Glad to hear this is such a good experience for you! And yaaay to your WEST COAST EXCURSION!! So exciting 🙂 love love love

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