I just had an idea for a website. Writers/artists submit a photo of their desk, and the person behind the project critiques that desk and judges the person on it, in a joking manner.  Kind of like Room Raiders on MTV. I thought of this because I decided that for my site, I am going to take frequent photos of the state my desk is in. Here is my home desk status as of August 30th.

Brooklyn Brewery hat. My beloved desk.

For example, if we take a close up, we can see that half of my writing desk has actually turned into my hair station. The desk critic would say that that is a baaaaaad sign. And the desk critic would say I am not really a writer or something  mean like that.  Below: Two hairbrushes, a diffuser, a hair straightener, and Garnier Curl Gel.

For the past few days, I’ve been staying in my friend’s home, pictured below. She is a performance artist, and often travels and offers me a quiet place to write. She has three desks in her home.

Last night I wrote on these two desks in the downstairs part of the house:

And below is the desk that I am typing on right now. It’s upstairs with a window and the artist’s drawings trim the walls.  Here I sit, with my headphones, trying to conquer endless to-do lists.

My stack of books on my home desk:

Book my brother just gave me:

Let me know if you want to be my desk critic. By the way–here is a cool site about desks: From Your Desks. They quoted me, when I wrote my “Where I Write,” for The Rumpus, with my sentence, “Tidy is such a meek word.”

Also– I am now a contributor to We Who Are About To Die. I will be doing some profiles on people/writers/artists that I meet in person, like this one with Adam Wilson from The Faster Times. I also announced a reading series that I am starting up. More on that topic very soon.

Lovelove and more love,



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