Tales from PDX

People in Portland constantly talk about writing. I love Portland. Here are some highlights from the week I spent there.

BACKFENCE PDX: Portland Storytelling, run by B. Fryan Masters was incredible. The theme of the night was Mistakes Were Made.  The performers were so talented and moving, and because of it, I’ve discovered the writing of Meg Worden.

I stayed on Stargazer Farm with the poet Dena Rash Guzman. Dena is the editor of the pandemic magazine:  Unshod Quills, an all-around talented artist and lovely new friend of mine. We did writing workshops together, picked blackberries, and drank Session beer. 

Welcome to Stargazer Farm.

I went to The Literary Mixtape Reading, which was awesome and got a write-up from Electric Literature’s blog, The Outlet. 

Valentine's, where the reading was held.

I finally went to Powell’s Books. I felt prepared for this since I spent my early twenties hanging out at The Strand, and everyone told me how big Powell’s is–but nothing could have prepared for me for what it actually feels like when you walk in there. It’s extraordinary. After much indecision, I bought I Have Touched You by Gregory Sherl, Yeah. No. Totally. by Lisa Wells and Writers On Writing: Collected Essays From The New York Times. 

Excited that my book will be on this shelf come spring.
Powell's in all it's glory.

And! I met one of my most beloved writers: Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl’s essays, particularly The Love Of My Life and Munro Country are like food to me. They nourish me. Read them. Her memoir, WILD, will be out in March 2012 and I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.

Cheryl Strayed and I, both wearing burgundy.

I have some more things to update on very soon that have to do with the Hudson Valley. Now I am in Seattle where I am writing an essay about why Seattle is the best place to exercise outdoors and write indoors and in a few days I’ll be back in Portland to read in the Booty Call Series and go to Wordstock. Also–check my page for readings, there are some October/November updates!




2 thoughts on “Tales from PDX

  1. Sounds like Portland is the place to be. Congratulations on all the literary goodness!

    I discovered Cheryl Strayed about six weeks ago and I am already madly in love, thanks to the same two essays you reference above. I’ve already read them both three times. I’m just getting into her novel Torch right now (love it already; big surprise), and plan on pre-ordering Wild sometime soon.

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