I will be reading in Brooklyn at Goodbye Blue Monday for the Bushwick Book Club Holiday Show on December 15th. I wrote an essay on the theme “Holidays” and musician Natti Vogel will write a song based on the essay. Should be really fun. You can RSVP here. Lots more going on. I had a reading at the How I Learned Reading Series on the Lower East Side and had the time of my life. Truly. Podcast and pictures coming soon. I have some work coming up in various places that I will post here. Oh, and the night before the Bushwick Book Club reading, Vol 1. Brooklyn is having this fun three minute story reading about the nineties. More info on that here. I’ll be there. And soon, I am going to Oregon again! I will be reading at The Blue Monk for Smalldoggies on January 10th. Other readings TBA.

Speaking of Oregon, did you guys know that the next Future Tense Book to be published after mine, is “Monogamy Songs” by Gregory Sherl? Man, I love his writing and feel humbled to share a publisher with him. His book “The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail” is available to pre-order now from Mud Luscious Press. Does he have the best book titles ever or what? More soon.

Love, Chloe


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