The winter installment of the Hudson River Loft Reading is announced! Featured readers are: Mel Bosworth, Joseph Quintela, Lauren Tamraz, Amy Leigh Cutler and Thomas Fucaloro.  RSVP here.

Courtney Maum wrote a really wonderful piece about the importance of going to and participating in readings. It’s published here on Tinhouse. Courtney is a woman of her word because she came to a reading of mine and we met and talked. In her list of favorite reading series in the New York area, she lists the Hudson River Loft Series along with some of my personal faves: Freerange Non-fiction and How I Learned.

Other things:

Gregory Sherl lists me as a writer he is excited about in his interview with The Collagist.

I’m reading Autobiography of A Face and it’s maybe one of the best things I’ve ever read.

Kassi Underwood, a Kentucky native currently living in NYC came to my last reading in Brooklyn and she drank diet coke and I drank champagne and she ate a mega-burrito. Kassi has a killer essay on the New York Times Modern Love column. 

I wrote this for The Faster Times.

Martha Grover’s memoir ONE MORE FOR THE PEOPLE has been released from Perfect Day Publishing and got a copy in the mail today as a surprise from a friend. I am so excited about this book.




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