Here are some photos from some of the readings and stuff I did in Portland:
Reading essays at The Blue Monk
Bryan Coffelt reading at the If Not For Kidnap party. I'm to the right of the guy in orange.
Reading my essay "Barney".
Stargazer Farm. Hiking to the river with my girl, Dena Rash Guzman.
Some other miscellaneous stuff:
1) My family over at The Faster Times said some loving things about my upcoming book.

2) Vol. 1 Brooklyn will be sponsoring my launch party! Thursday, April 19th @ Bookthug Nation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. More details T.B.A.

3) The Rumpus thinks you should pre-order my book.

4) I have some pieces in the inaugural issue of Heavy Feather Review, available for Kindle and Nook, here.  It’s filled with a ton of great writers.

5) Poet extraordinaire Gregory Sherl is interviewed @ Connotation Press and cracks me up by quoting me.

6) I have a little piece on the theme of “luck” in this print issue of HOBART.

That’s all for now! Stay warm!




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