Two new reviews of Legs Get Led Astray.

Read one here on Glorified Love Letters by Sara Habein. (Caldwell also likes to know what people secretly think about. She likes other people’s journals and emails, and seeing a person’s face when they think no one else is looking. Or better yet, when they are oblivious to any world outside their own thoughts. It’s voyeuristic, sure, but also somewhat anthropological. She seems to find it all very interesting — it’s her own loop of personal reflection through someone else, and then she starts to write.)

Read another one here on Pank by Ryan Werner.  (As a document of truth, Legs Get Led Astray couldn’t be more pure. All of the exes are various forms of dead. Extemporaneous lovers are complicated. Kids say the darnedest things. Orgasms are cool. These are the tropes of literature and life, but the essays in here transcend cliché because they have the details.)

Blurry but happy photo of me drinking Vitamin Water and signing copies of LGLA

Oh–and speaking of PANK, I read at the PANK INVASION in Portland. I read my essay called “Girlfriend” and Kevin Sampsell wrote a dueling essay called “Boyfriend” and it was a total smash hit. 

Kevin Sampsell and I at Crow Arts Manor


Speaking of the essay “Girlfriend,” Powell’s Books is awesome. If you order the book The Listeners by Leni  Zumas, (Released by Tin House) you will also receive a limited edition, broadside of my essay, “Girlfriend.” I am signing 1600 of them! Go here to order the package!


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