Northwest Book Lovers asked me to write an essay on my relationship with Cheryl Strayed, the author of the memoir, WILD. The story of how we found each other is beyond serendipitous, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had anything so magical happen to me. It’s called “On Mothers, Mentors, and Housesitting for Cheryl Strayed.”

Mentors and Mothers are both very important, and I’m extremely lucky to have one of each.

Here is a video of Cheryl Strayed and I the first time we met, last September. It was Cheryl’s birthday.

I had my book launch in Brooklyn last Friday, where I read with Zachary Lipez and Adam Wilson. It was great. More photos to come from that. Here’s one, where I am imitating Gabrielle Bernstein, the author of Spirit Junkie. I was on my way to Bookthugnation, the sun was shining, and I was very happy.

Brooklyn!! Willoughby Avenue in Bed-Stuy

I’ve added some more places where Legs Get Led Astray is available, to the sidebar. Have you read LGLA? If so, hop over to it’s Goodreads page and write a quick review! I’d love to hear your thoughts.



P.S. Here’s a photo my mom took when we were smelling the lilacs yesterday..YUM!