The L Mag & The Lit Pub

The L Magazine reviewed LGLA! 

Enter Chloe Caldwell’s debut collection Legs Get Led Astray: a distillation of what might be deemed the high hipster period, from 2002-2006. Interpol was on every iPod. Antony and the Johnsons brought out the sensitive goth in all of us. The Black Keys could not be found on a single car commercial. And if you don’t remember the specifics, Caldwell will remember them for you, dropping more band names than a scenester at a basement show.

Read the review here or if you’re in New York City, just pick one up on the street. The Walkmen are on the cover of it. 

Over at The Lit Pub, I did an interview with Joseph Rippii. It was great to do this interview with Joe, as I’ve just finished his amazing book: The Orange Suitcase. Joe and I talked about Berlin. cremation, and music. Read it here. 


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