A lovely surprise happened this week.

I got an email from a woman telling me that LGLA received a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly. 

Read the review in it’s entirety, here. They even call me “good, caring, and decent!”


Stories about the author masturbating face-down on her mother’s bed, eating a “guilt-free blue cheese burger” after an orgy, and dropping everything to run to the ex-lover who taught her how to melt and snort heroin will likely keep this collection off some readers’ nightstands. But for those willing to delve into the sordid and searingly honest slices of life that Caldwell presents here, the payoff is a sexy and surprisingly heartfelt journey that brings the uncertainty, joy, and despair of young adulthood vividly to life.

Diane Prokop reviewed LGLA as well, and she really hit the spot for me. She’s so kind and smart.

Chloe Caldwell’s debut collection of no-holds-barred essays chronicles her journey through young adulthood like nobody’s business. The intimate, and sometimes painful, account of her life in New York City and beyond is unselfconsciously honest. Some people might consider it a little too honest for Caldwell’s own good. But, from my perspective of truth begetting beauty, Caldwell has produced a work of heart-wrenching art.

Read the complete review here.

Know what else happened this week? Oprah launched a new book club for WILD by Cheryl Strayed. No, I am not shitting you. I adore Cheryl, am lucky to have her in my life, and could not be more thrilled for her. Check it all out here and if you don’t have WILD, go get it. Seriously.

Oh, and if you’re reading LGLA, you should email me your thoughts on it:


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