Good morning! 

I did a fun Q & A with Liza Monroy for Publisher’s Weekly. We discussed what it was like to work with Future Tense Books, small presses, writing about daring things and having your family read them, and more. Click the link to read it. Getting Her Writing Legs: PW Talks With Chloe Caldwell.


Also–thanks to everyone who reviewed LGLA on Goodreads! It’s fun for me to read those reviews. The Amazon reviews are lookng kinda lonely so if you feel inclined to share your thoughts over there–that would be awesome, too.



  1. You sound like such a lovely person in his interview, and I know for a fact you are!
    I am sure you are already mentoring other young writers! Keep up the great writing Chloe! I definitely look forward to reading more CC work!

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