Hi friends! I apologize that my posts have been so sparse lately.  Two weeks ago I moved across the country from New York to Portland, Oregon, to begin my Yoga Teacher Training program. I am, at least until March, a Northwest author!

This is at Powell’s Books

Oh–and this was cool: Time Out New York compiled a list called Ten Books Sexier Than Fifty Shades of Gray and the included LGLA! I’m in great company over there–Eileen Myles and Jeanette Winterson’s books are on the list too. Read the entire list here.  

If you live in Portland, check my “READINGS” page, because I have a few coming up in October. Also–I’m reading a lot of good books right now. Here’s what I’m reading:

My Heart Is An Idiot by Davy Rothbart

Levitate The Primate by Michael Thomsen

Letters to Emma Bowlcut by Bill Callahan

Poser by Claire Dederer

What are YOU reading? Let me know.




4 thoughts on “NORTHWEST AUTHOR

  1. I am reading “Ethical Slut” and also read your One of my female friends had the same dopamine addiction you describe, She didn’t want to have sex with me: “you are too intense”” . I slowly understood what happened in her passionate affair. I am very attracted, energy between us is sooo delicious. Thanks for your honest, bold and wonderful description. Jorge, Staten Island

  2. I also wanted to share with you something I wrote in response to the comment threat about your article:
    “I think Chloe is describing a very real problem well described in
    A woman friend of mine was traumatized by a similar kind of affair, I don’t think her dopamine addiction had much to do with ethical slutness, but it is good to have her experience so beatifully described.
    The road we sluts have taken (I am also a long term practitioner) is new and full of surprises. Lets welcome everyone.”

    Chloe, though I love the information Marnia has put together in reuniting (I’ve been reading it for years) I don’t quite share her bias towards monogamy. Sexual energy is a very powerful aspects of being human, as you well describe. Attempts to regulate it from the top don’t seem to work and sem to have created a lot of trouble for all of us. Human social and sexual arrangements are and can be enormously varied, rich and complex. Tolerance of peoples’ choices is essential.

    Again, thanks for the courage to publish your very personal story, but please, please pretty please do not take on the battle against free lovers, ethical sluts or whatever group that is seeking a way to live with this powerful and beautiful energy.

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