Wordstock was awesome! I saw Lidia Yuknavitch and hugged her hard. Her  words always move me to tears. Saw her read from Dora: A Headcase and also The Chronology of Water. She wrote me a note and now I keep it in my wallet. Saw Jon Raymond read who I’m beginning to love. Met a riveting author named Anakana Schofield, author of MALARKY. Saw a live storytelling show with Portlanders Kerry Cohen (author of Loose Girl) and Shanna Germain. My reading with Kevin Sampsell was great and the audience asked us a bunch of interesting questions during the q & a. I read “Yes To Carrots” and Kevin read some excerpts from his new novel, “This Is Between Us.”

Sketch by Mykel Hansen
Kevin Sampsell and I signing books after our reading

Probably the most special thing was that I got to meet my friend, and fellow writer, Andrea Taylor (pictured below)  in real life, as they say. I love the shit out of her. We were fast friends. I want her shirt, that she got in Paris. “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs.” And she is, you guys. She is drugs. Look out for her writing, because the girl is golden.

Have you read this essay “FAT” by Jamie Iredell? Have you read this interview with Michelle Tea and Beth Lisick? You should.

This week there’s some cool stuff going on in PDX. Thursday night I’m reading at BACK TALK for Last Thursday on Alberta with Lindsey Kugler.  There’s supposed to be candles and spiced cider. And I have a new dress. So please come.

On Friday, there’s the annual Booty Call Reading! Excited to see Paula Bomer and Michael Heald. Plus, Michael owes me a review copy of his book of essays because he had a competition asking “How many ‘fucks’ do you think are in my book?” and I WON.

I love Portland. I’m beginning to understand why I often used to hear people here say, “I’m readinged out.”

Don’t forget: I’m now available to be your essay consultant. Email me: cocomonet@gmail.com.




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