We can announce it officially now!  Susie Bright (SUSIE BRIGHT!) also known as “Susie-Sexpert” read Legs Get Led Astray and loved it. She said her daughter, Aretha Bright, also loved it. What does that mean? It means that because of this, AUDIBLE will do their treatment on Legs Get Led Astray. Sometime in early 2013 LGLA will be available for your listening pleasure. We’re not sure who will be the voice behind it, so stay tuned to find out. Says my publisher: I’m not sure who’s going to voice it yet. Maybe Chloe herself, maybe Christopher Walken, maybe Scarlett Johansson. I’m grateful and thrilled.
I’ve been busy working with peeps on their personal essays! Email me if you want to work on yours! It’s super fun. And personal. Reading: Sister Spit, Poser, the new issue of Creative Non-Fiction:
P.S. Hey mom, (I know you’re reading this) Susie Bright and her daughter wrote this book about sex together. Let’s do something like that soon!

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