I’m SO goodbusy lately! Yoga Teacher Training is totally overwhelming in the best kind of way. On top of that, I’m doing some freelance social media, I have an essay due for the anthology “Women Writers Loving & Leaving NYC”, I’m editing people’s personal essays, I’m socializing like a butterfly, going to a ton of readings, reading books, and now I signed up for The Yoga Space’s 30 Day ChallengeI’m the 4th one down. I’ve missed one day so far because I took a nap (always a bad idea for me) and never woke up. We get a sticker each day we go!

So, yeah, I live at The Yoga Space. It’s truly my home away from home. Which is awesome because 1) The walls are a friendly yellow. 2) It’s warm and cozy and lit with candles. 3) It smells good like lavender. 4) I’m getting stronger and stronger. 5) I love my teachers and the people I practice with.  Here’s what it looks like. That’s my teacher training teacher, Michele Loew, in the background.

Across the street from The Yoga Space is a little slice of heaven called Canteen. I love their oatmeal and green juice. Here’s what I treat myself to once a week:


I’m reading some websites with health tips because I can’t afford to get sick! Here’s a couple I love: Feed Me Darling, Fuck Skinny Let’s Get Fit, and Yoga Dork. 

The only photos I have of me doing yoga, I’m naked in, so until I take some clothed, you’ll have to wait.



  1. I love the sticker chart! Great job Clo! Great to hear you are busy and enjoying Portland life!
    And another Michele in your life!!!
    I’ll look forward to seeing photos soon!

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