Last Saturday night I read at Crush Bar w/ 11 other writers. It was wonderful. Gigi Little wrote about the night here.  I read the essay, My Mother Wanted To Be Betty Boop.” Lidia Yuknavitch mooned the crowd. Seriously! How I love her.

Me–NOT mooning the crowd.

This Thursday I’m going to the book release party for my friend Michael Heald’s book: Goodbye To The Nervous Apprehension. Read an excerpt from the book here on Vol 1 Brooklyn and support small press by buying the book through Michael’s press: Perfect Day Publishing. 

Also reading: Forming by (my BFF) Sean H. Doyle. Sean has been one of my fave writers since I began seriously writing. He helps me keep going.

There are times when I am completely overwhelmed recognizing the vast and unbelievable number of people there are in the world and how each one of us has something inside or outside of us that is familiar and alien to one another.

Stephen Elliot (Founder of The Rumpus) is doing a kickstarter to make a movie out of his novel Happy Baby. Lots of sweet incentives including a box of signed books by Cheryl Strayed, Dave Eggers, David Byrne, Nick Hornby, Elizabeth Gilbert, and me. No clue how I got included in that. (One of these things is not like the other…). Go here to donate. 

Thought Catalog is distributing my (new) essay called The New Age Camp as a digital book for your tablet, eReader or mobile device. All titles are available through Amazon and the iBookstore.
It will be available soon here. I hope you’ll enjoy it! It took me forever to write. 

More soon! Love you all.




  1. Wish I could have been there to hear you read one of my favorites! I love you, your Mom and Betty Boop!!!

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