So–in the essay I’m reading above, I mention how my guy friends and I studied vaginas on the weekend. Tonight at Powell’s I was cashiering and there was a woman buying the below book. I couldn’t believe it–it’s the book my mom got me when I was fourteen, and my guys friends and I POURED through it as teens. It’s AMAZING–the best thing of it’s kind. If you have a daughter or son, get them this book. It covers everything from fellatio to binge eating to anxiety, moods, and safe sex. EVERYTHING. The pictures are hilarious and it’s blunt and easy to read. My co-workers agreed it was a good find. I bought my copy last night to pass down to the daughter I may someday have.  While writing “My Mother Wanted To Be Betty Boop” I googled and searched for this book but couldn’t remember the name and couldn’t find it anywhere. Isn’t it awesome when the books you need come into your life? Also–there’s a blurb from Shirley Manson on the back. It was published in 1999. I’m really excited about this book because there is NOTHING else out there like it.  Thanks, mom!


Also reading this book by Stacy Pershall, and actually, I’m off to bed to read now. Goodnight!



3 thoughts on “BETTY BOOP RULES

  1. Enjoyed listening to you read about your mother!
    Your mother, my sis whom we both love dearly!

    How are the yoga classes?

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