My e-book “The New Age Camp” will be released by Thought Catalog on Monday, December 10th. You can buy it here. I cannot share the cover with you yet, but it’s a beauty! In other news:

 Volume 1 Brooklyn chose LGLA as one of their favorite books of 2012.

James Alan Gil wrote an essay called: The Poetics of Prose: John Gardner’s “Ingenious Genre Crossing” in Four Modern American Writers which I’m included in. Read the whole thing here. 

This short biography of Caldwell’s mother is accomplished in four pages using this poetic litany of details, and it captures so much in a short space because of the poetic form rather than what might have been written as a chronological story of the author’s mother.  This is not just another diary entry from a young woman thinking on her mother and her gender. Instead, it is a powerful and fresh piece of writing because of its unique use of form.  The same could be said of many of the best essays in this collection.

Here I am cashiering at Powell’s.

Love working around books
Love working around books

P.S. Lots of great essays in this round-up by the Huffington Post called The 25 Pieces That Should Be Required Reading For Women. 


One thought on “DECEMBER STUFF

  1. I just put “The New Age Camp” on my wishlist at Amazon, which I think might be a fireable offense, but I’m not sure. So…c’mon, Santa!

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