I have Anne Lamott and Cheryl Strayed.

Truly. I’ve been having a hard couple months. I live at Cheryl Strayed’s and every single night I real Anne Lamott essays and she’s helping me get by.  I love this video of her, too:


2 thoughts on “SOME PEOPLE HAVE GOD

  1. Truly 2 of the best. Discovered Anne in 1998; She was a life ring. Cheryl last year.
    Ironically or by kismet…. I discovered Anne on 15 years ago & that is where I discovered you. Yesterday.
    I trust the thread of connection & now I will be following (buying) everything that you write… Just as is so for these two lovelies. I truly admire your voice & your craft.
    As I once read in a book of Anne’s “the soul rejoices in hearing what it already knows” (she did not originate that quote… But she brought it to me).
    You make my soul rejoice Chloe.
    All Best Things- Regina Brown (olympia, wa)

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