Hey guys!

I’m writing to you from the coffee shop in Powell’s Books. It’s 9:07 p.m. Upstairs the author of The Fear Project is reading from his book.

January has been slammed. Here’s what I did/am doing:

1) I applied to a writing residency in Pennsylvania. (Cross your fingers!)

2) I published an essay on Salon.

3) I took a 5-day yoga and meditation workshop with Michael Stone, author of Yoga For A World Out of Balance and more.

4) Legs Get Led Astray came out on audio! It’s narrated by Taylor Meskimen, and in my humble opinion she does a great job. She sounds young, kind of like a Broadway kid. Get your copy or listen to a sample here. 

5) Kait Heacock of PDXX COLLECTIVE  interviewed me for her new series: Girl on Girl. 

6) I have new work forthcoming in The Fix, Canteen, Yoga Dork, and Men’s Health. Isn’t that a strange mix? Maybe I’m schizophrenic.

7) I’m still happy to help you with your personal essays for a small fee. Email me if you want to talk about something you’re working on: cocomonet@gmail.com.

8) Some kind soul nominated me for the 2013 Above and Beyond Award.

9) Yoga Teacher Training has been going strong. Here’s a photo of the new studio in downtown Portland. This is what my life looks like most the time. I love it cause rarely do I have to change out of my pajamas:




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