It’s been truly difficult for me to articulate what my yoga teacher training experience has been like to people except for like, my mom, who has been practicing yoga since the 70s. And a couple of friends of course. But today Zoe Ruiz (we met when I read her amazing essay Cat Power: It Must Be The Colors on The Rumpus) sent me this video of Seane Corn. I’d never heard of Seane Corn, and Zoe tells me she thought of me when she saw this video over a year ago.  Anyway, I relate to so much of this, especially when she talks about the support of her teachers and her resistance to teacher training and surrendering. It made me cry. Also, she sort of looks like Sheryl Crow. I love when she says, “Teacher’s training was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had.”

Oh and here’s me, my mom, and my cousin doing yoga on the beach in Gloucester, Mass while my Nana watches. Circa 2006.

Family Yoga
Family Yoga

6 thoughts on “FLOWERS IN HER HAIR

  1. wow, that was interesting. I never heard of her before. Watched a few more videos of her. I bet you could relate.

    snow snow snow here, no work today, supposed to snow all night. loved those snowdays with you! xoxo mom

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 1:47 PM, chloe caldwell

  2. Very interesting! Thinking of you and waiting for a yoga class with you and your Mom…..with YOU as the teacher!!!

  3. Wow, she seems cool like you Clo!
    It would be quite an experience to take a yoga class from her ya know?!
    Like your Aunt Maur I too look forward to a yoga class taught by you!


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