Yoga, Anxiety, Addiction.

I have a new essay on The Fix called: Learning To Sit Still.  It’s about yoga and heroin and addiction and anxiety and Aimee Mann. It’s really special for me to publish with The Fix. Cat Marnell wrote, “Desperate drug addicts go on the internet late and night and prowl around looking for writers who will talk about using.” It’s true. That’s what I did, and by doing so I found The Fix, which was like comfort food. Read my essay here.


I took the below photo from my friend Daniel Nester’s website, cause I love it.


This past weekend it was sixty degrees and sunny in Portland. I taught my very first yoga class at The Yoga Space. I was completely terrified but felt supported by my teacher and friends. It was a great experience.

My teacher would tell me ti get my ribs in if she saw this.
My teacher would tell me to get my ribs in if she saw this.

Why does one write, if not to put one’s pieces together? From the moment we enter school or church, education chops us into pieces: it teaches us to divorce soul from body and mind from heart. The fisherman of the Colombian coast must be learned doctors of ethics and morality, for they invented the word sentipensante, feeling-thinking, to define language that speaks the truth.


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