Small Press Palooza

Hey everyone! If you live in Portland, you should definitely come to Powell’s Books MONDAY NIGHT at 6:00p.m. for Smallpresspalooza. Here’s the Facebook event.   I’ll be reading at 6:30, because I have to work (cashiering at Powell’s) at 7p.m. (Speaking of which, a girl named Toni, shopping at Powell’s last Monday, bought LGLA and coincidentally met me at the same time–she wrote about it here.)

To celebrate Small Press Month, we’re proud to host the sixth annual marathon reading of small press authors, Smallpressapalooza. Hosted by Powell’s small press champion, Kevin Sampsell.

The Official Smallpressapalooza Schedule

6:00 Carrie Anna Seitzinger (Fall Ill Medicine)
6:15 Susan Denning (She Preferred to Read the Knives)
6:30 Chloe Caldwell (Legs Get Led Astray)
6:45 break
7:00 W. Vandoren Wheeler (The Accidentalist)
7:15 Thomas Levy (I Don’t Mind If You’re Feeling Alone)
7:30 Lindsey Kugler (Here)
7:45 break
8:00 Barry Graham (The Book of Man)
8:15 Aaron Dactyl (Railroad Semantics 7)
8:30 Nancy Rommelmann (Transportation)
8:45 break
9:00 Donald Dunbar (Eyelid Lick)
9:15 Mindy Nettifee (Glitter in the Blood)
9:30 Janey Smith (Animals)
9:45 Jeremy Robert Johnson (We Live Inside You)

Here’s a video of my buddy Diana Salier at SPP last year:


One thought on “Small Press Palooza

  1. Well I was all ready to come until I remembered that I am having a physical early Tuesday morning..and I have to have been fasting etc….I’m dreading the whole thing…and a “grown up” would be able to go and just not eat or drink anything etc but I am not one of those people..:(
    So I am planning to go to bed early Monday …After they tell me everything is fine I’ll be so relieved!!!

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