“Goodbye To All That” Anthology.

I have an essay in this book called “Leaving My Groovy Lifestyle.” This anthology will be released September 24th, but you can pre-order it now. It’s a kind of golden: some of the other contributors are Cheryl Strayed, Mira Ptacin, Meslissa Febos, Emma Straub, Emily St. John Mandel, Ann Hood, and Dani Shapiro, and Sari Botton.  I mean, really!!

Goodbye to All That is a collection of essays about loving and leaving the magical city of New York. Inspired by Joan Didion’s well-loved essay by the same name, this anthology features the experiences of 28 women for whom the magic of the city has worn off—whether because of loneliness after many friends marry, have kids, and head to the suburbs; jadedness about their careers; or difficulty finding true love in a place where everyone is always looking to trade up to a better mate, a better job, a better apartment.

With contributions from authors such as Cheryl Strayed, Ann Hood, Dani Shapiro, and Emma Straub, this collection is relatable to anyone who arrived with stars in their eyes, hoping to make it. Each essay reveals the author’s own unique relationship with New York City, and together they encompass the complicated emotions all New Yorkers have about leaving.


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