My Life As A Dyke

Hey! My friend Erika’s e-book/mini-memoir My Life As A Dyke is available on Thought Catalog. I love this piece so much. Get your copy here. 


Being a lesbian doesn’t come natural to everyone. That’s what Erika Kleinman learned during her sexual awakening in 1990s Seattle, when she began dating a host of butch women who were all too willing to show her the ropes. My Life as a Dyke recounts Kleinmans’ relationships with candor and humor while making one thing clear: no matter who you’re interested in, dating can be a nightmare.

Also: my Thought Catalog e-book The New Age Camp is on Goodreads now–if you have a sec please review it.

The New Age Camp - Cover

Check it out. Noah Kalina’s photograph that we used as my book cover is hanging in the TC office in Brooklyn:



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