Happy August.

Hi! Long time no post.  Let’s see what kind of news I have in writing-land.

AWP 2014 (in Seattle next year) announced it’s list of panels.  I’ll be speaking on one called “New Nonfiction” with Scott McClanahan, Jamie Iredell, and Anna March.

This panel features writers whose work spans the scope of contemporary nonfiction, from literary criticism to memoir, to immersive journalism and the op ed. They have found traditional print venues for placing their writing, as well as podcasts, webzines, websites, interactive maps, and ebooks, and will discuss how nonfiction has evolved to adapt to the many venues available for its practitioners.

Anthony of Anthony Pidgeon Photography sent me this photo he took of me last fall at Wordstock.  I’ll be teaching a workshop at Wordstock in October, details to come!


I have a galley of the Goodbye To All That anthology, and it’s dope. Pre-order a copy! 



Lastly, I’m part of the Literary Northwest Showcase August 16th – August 18th in Washington Info is here.  Come camp with me!


3 thoughts on “Happy August.

  1. HeY So great to hear what has been going on!! Sounds like you’ve got great projects going and I can NOT wait to read your new book about “leaving your groovy lifestyle” So glad to hear that you are so busy and have so much going on!! I would love to see you…however..Kat don’t camp..(at least not any more…when I was younger.I was more into it..)…..but I’m following you ..and maybe I’ll see you at a reading…..I’m gonna go to Domi’s Burnt Tongue thing..at Crush Bar on the 10th if you are going??

    Anyway…just reading that first bit of page from the new book and having read your other work really makes me be excited to read this one!!

  2. What a busy writer!!!! I love the photo from Wordstock…..sweet pic of you!
    Miss you! xoxo

  3. Chloe! Saw your dad, mom, and bro the other night at Spotty Dog. Missed you. Love that Wordstock picture. You know what, not being on Facebook makes you extra cool and kind of elusive. Damn, I’m pissed at how much cooler than me you are. xoxoe

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