True Tales of Lust & Love

My essay The Ethical Slut is part of this anthology “True Tales of Lust & Love”.  To be released in January 2014 by Soft Skull Press.  Other contributors include Emma Straub,  Jillian Lauren, Diana Spechler and Meghan Daum. Pre-order here!


One thought on “True Tales of Lust & Love

  1. Hey There Chloecaldwell,
    Interesting Thoughts, For me, writing the intro paragraph is the most difficult part of an essay. I’m writing an essay for my English class (I’m in 9th grade) about Arthurian Romance. Here is what I’ve written:

    Virgil once said that “Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love.” These famous words seem fitting for the tales of love and lust from the Arthurian legends. Unfortunately, not all of these stories end happily ever after for the lovers. Marriage, competitors, and jealousy tend to overpower the true meaning of romantic love and can affect the outcomes of these legends for better or for worse. The romances of Guenevere, Isoude, and Viviane were greatly affected by these factors.

    ^^ Do you have any suggestions to make my introduction stronger? All critiques are appreciated. Thank you so much!
    Kindest Regards

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