The Long Goodbye

Really excited to have my essay quoted in this New York Times article, The Long Goodbye, published yesterday by Alex Smith.

“In my early twenties, I felt that my life could be one big experiment, and in my mid-twenties I am coming to terms with the fact that no, my life is actually my life,” wrote Chloe Caldwell in her anthology entry, “Leaving My Groovy Lifestyle.”

In putting it so, Ms. Caldwell echoed Ms. Didion’s description of how she rationalized the move that she and her husband made to Los Angeles (they returned to New York in the 1980s): “I talk about how difficult it would be for us to ‘afford’ to live in New York right now, about how much ‘space’ we need. All I mean is that I was very young in New York, and that at some point the golden rhythm was broken, and I am not that young anymore.”


Remember: Join us at Housing Works Bookstore on December 2nd for a reading from the Goodbye To All That anthology. Readers include Mike Albo, Emily Gould, Alexander Chee, Elissa Bassist, Anna Holmes, Choire Sicha, Jon-Jon Goulian, Michelle Dean, Isaac Fitzgerald, and myself.


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