I (still) love New York

Had a great time last week in NYC. Especially at Mellow Pages Library. Feel sad it wasn’t there when I lived in Bushwick, but feeling happy it’s there now. We had a small, impromptu, group reading, and it was awesome. I read a new essay “Women I Have Loved.” It’s unpublished.

Sums up @chloesimonne reading at her secret reading

The reading at Housing Works Bookstore was so much fun.  The website Last Night’s Reading drew the below pic of me, quoting my essay about NYC. You can buy it on Etsy, which is weird.

Oh–and I spent a lil time with The Rumpus people: Stephen Elliott and Isaac Fitzgerald. I know Isaac isn’t the managing editor anymore, but in my mind he is. He was the first person to accept my essays, like this one.  Also, he recently got “attacked” in the NYT, so we had a good laugh over that. I love that they both live in Brooklyn now.

Affichage de IMG_20131210_161122.jpg

I’m reading at Book Court on January 20th for the anthology True Tales of Lust and Love. Join me on that dark cold night! Pre-order the anthology here. 

Monday, January 20, 2014: True Tales of Lust and Love anthology reading/signing with Chloe CaldwellIris Smyles and Sacha Z. Scoblic, Book Court, 163 Court St, Brooklyn, NY, 7 pm EST

There’s still room in my online Personal Essay Class, which begins January 23rd.  Put it on your xmas list, or buy it for someone else! The class is going to be amazing, if I do say so myself.

Hope you’re having a magical winter so far.




2 thoughts on “I (still) love New York

  1. Hi Chloe, I posted once before and didn’t hear back from you-just wondering if we might email-I have a business proposal for you if you’re interested. Thanks.

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