Personalized LGLAS

Culture Map in Austin, Texas just posted their Holiday Gift Guide and suggest Legs Get Led Astray. 

“For the classic Austin lit-nerd/writer:

Indie-lit darling Chloe Caldwell’s collection of personal essays pull you into her world of being a 20-something writer trying to get it together while bouncing around Austin-like scenes in Brooklyn and Portland, painting equally compelling and honest portraits of her time spent babysitting and partying with Strand booksellers. Her writing is honest, often hilarious, and hits anyone who’s young, artistic — and wondering what the hell they’re doing with their life — hard in the face.”

(I don’t actually bounce around Portland or Austin in LGLA. But, I’ll take it. )

 If you’d like personalized  copy of LGLA for a gift, or for yourself,  paypal me ten dollars at I’ll sign it pretty for you and enclose a bonus essay!

Also on the list is the Write Like A Motherfucker mug of The Rumpus/Cheryl Strayed. I already have my Write Like A Motherfucker mug. If you don’t have one of these mugs, you might wanna question how serious a writer you are.

This is my desk below. Look at that old school cell phone far left!

Dazed Digital put LGLA on their list of  1ST BOOKS THAT DON’T SUCK, which I found touching. Alissa Nutting, Blake Butler, and Kate Zambreno are also on the list.

We got a foot of snow here in Hudson, N.Y. I’t’s pretty magical looking.





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