Dancing in France

The first time I went to France I was sixteen. I stayed with a family in Toulouse. I was to shadow Agnes, a girl my age. Agnes and I became close.  One night we went to a party with a group of her highschool friends and we all danced like no one was watching.  The big song at the time (in France? Not sure if I’d heard it before I embarked on this adventure) was The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup.  There was a special dance to go along to the song.  I’ve been to a healthy amount of parties since I was sixteen, but I think that party in a basement somewhere in France was the best one.  Agnes’s parents picked us up, as we’d been drinking.

Anyhoo–the scene I found most moving in BLUE is the dance party at Adele’s surprise birthday. Adele’s girlfriend isn’t even in it. Adele dances with her friends in her backyard in France while the sun sets. She looks happiest here than any other part of the movie. When you see this, it’s like you know she’s going to be okay. Like my friend Erika said, it’s the only part of the movie where she seems free. The girl loves to dance. Also, they used a song I loooove: “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li.  I’ve been listening to this song for years. It’s one of my faves. My dream job is to pick songs from emotional indie movies.



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