Myrtle Beach

I remember in high school, my friends who were in “band” got to go on a school trip to Myrtle Beach.

I wasn’t in on that because I wasn’t in band. I was in choir. I don’t know why I put band in quotes above, but I’m leaving it that way. We were freshman or sophomores in high school. The band kids all ended up getting suspended, because they were caught with alcohol.

Anyhoo, Elizabeth Ellen and I are leaving for Myrtle Beach for the weekend tomorrow. I am not in choir anymore, and I drink whatever I want, as I am 28 years old.

I have my manuscript printed out, along with a friend’s memoir and a friend’s novel.

EE and I are going to be working on my book. Gonna look something like this:.

Affichage de photo.JPG en cours...


One thought on “Myrtle Beach

  1. Have fun and get lots of work accomplished!!! Can’t wait for your new book to be available!
    I love you……sweet niece of mine! xoxo

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