Book Sale!

I have a bunch of copies of Legs Get Led Astray just sitting on my shelf. Normally the book is $12 on my site but I will send you a signed copy for just $10 along with a fun surprise!!!! paypal me at

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There are some spots still in my online personal essay class which begins 9/4. The last two times I taught the class, it sold out.  I’d also like to point out that Chuck Paluhnik teaches for the same company. His class is sold out, obvi. If you have questions about my class just shoot me an email at the above address.


I am getting around the block this October. Like really around the block. I’ll be in a bunch of random cities doing readings. Details TBA v. soon. 




2 thoughts on “Book Sale!

  1. I just stumbled across and read your essay on Salon, “My year of heroin and acne.” I cried for a minute and then came to your website, saw this post (oh, what timing!) and promptly ordered your book. Can’t wait to read it.

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