My friend, the writer Erika Kleinman, wrote a really sweet review/love letter to my book Women for her column CNF 500 on The Nervous Breakdown. It’s a really great column she just started like a month ago. Read all the installments here.

I’m so touched she wrote the first review of this book, because she’s been reading drafts for the past year, and has always been encouraging and supportive.

Erika and I became friends in Fall of 2012. She emailed me twice about LGLA, the second time saying she wanted to find a way to write about her stripper dyke days. Since then, she has. She’s published the essay Jack Shack on Salon, My Life As A Dyke on Thought Catalog. We also connected over intense love for Rufus Wainwright. I wrote an essay about him in LGLA, and Erika wrote one about him for The Rumpus. She even includes one of my favorite lines from his song “Poses” in her essay:

I did go from wanting to be someone/Now I’m drunk and wearing flip-flips on Fifth Avenue

We’re going to send him these essays and hope he gives us backstage passes to one of his shows.


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