October Book Tour

Here’s a tentative list of our book tour dates! Any questions, suggestions, or requests, email me: cocomonet@gmail.com 


October 3rd: Book launch party, Brooklyn, New York (Elizabeth Wurtzel, Emily Gould, Ramona Emerson, Domenica Ruta and Molly Oswaks)

October 9th: College of St Rose, Albany, New York (Just me)

October 16th: SECRET Los Angeles reading 

October 17th: Los Angeles, California, STORIES Cafe 

October 22nd: Bloomington, Indiana 

October 23rd: Iowa City

October 24th: Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 25th: Madison, Wisconsin 

October 26th: Champaign, Illinois photo (16)

October 27th: Cleveland, Ohio

October 28th and 29: Toronto

October 30 and 31: Montreal

Oh and we’re gonna be rockin some overalls on tour too…….



4 thoughts on “October Book Tour

  1. Oh hell I wrote a whole long thing and then lost it because I had to sign in…..
    LOVE the overalls…and the finger!!!

  2. YES Montreal! I will totally be there, please keep us posted. I just received Legs Get Led Astray today and can’t wait to read it.

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