questions questions questions

Been doing mad interviews lately. People like asking me stuff.

I answered 10 Questions for Lireactor. Rob Hart interviewed me. Rob is my “manager” at Litreactor, at least that’s what I call him. He’s super nice and has 2 new books coming out!

I did a conversation with Angela Giles Patel for The Manifest-Station. It was cool having Angela interview me because she took my Litreactor class twice, thus, knows me in a certain kind of way, because we bare our souls in that class.

So we got deep. Like, she was asking me things about planets. And my mom. and Maggie Estep. Etc.

And I’m in the middle of an interview for The Female Gaze…

Someone told me I should be like Angelina Jolie and be like, “I’m not talking about this, this, or this.”

Which I’ve kind of been doing. I am really bored with talking about fiction VS nonfiction and what the line is. The other thing I am bored with is talking about SOCIAL MEDIA.


I’ve been cleaning through my stuff from middle school, highschool, and Brooklyn, and found these. I used to have a busted typewriter and it would only let me type like this.

Anyway, I used to write my ass off.  Ask anyone that knew me during that time. Like my friend Aaron, whose piece was just published on The Nervous Breakdown.

Typewriter strips
Typewriter strips



2 thoughts on “questions questions questions

  1. I read your interview with Angela – I guess that’s why I’m here 🙂 I cannot believe you used to type like that. I think I would have hand written 🙂

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