Last night, I was serving at a wedding and my phone started to go off with notifications and texts. Turned out, Lena Dunham read and loved my new book, Women! If you know me personally, you know that I’m an obsessive fan of LD. She is one of my main writing inspirations, and I am constantly watching and re-watching GIRLS to figure out how she writes such evocative scenes. I have watched these scenes over and over for comic relief and to study her writing. Her show has helped me get through low, low, times, and explores so many of the same things I try to in my writing.  I’m so touched and excited that she liked it! My books are printed and ready to go, though the “official” date is this Wednesday, October 1st!

Order WOMEN here. And come to the book release party in NYC this Friday


Here’s one of my FAVE scenes in GIRLS. Feel like this scene is similar to the scenes I tried to convey in my book. I love this song! The hug at the end melts my heart.

Thank you for reading my book, Lena! Thank you to the essayist Ashley Ford for passing it off! It’s so incredible when women artists support one another. It’s so important. I do this with all of my female writers in my life and they do the same for me.


2 thoughts on “GIRLS to WOMEN

  1. I was SO excited when I saw that post! I can’t wait to read Women. For the past few years, I’ve been saying that I really want to start writing again but I’ve been too scared to actually do it (“I have no good ideas, I have nothing to say.”) Reading Legs Get Led Astray has been so inspiring that the notes have been pouring out of me. I can relate to so much of what you write – the drug stuff, working as a nanny/babysitter, when you mentioned The Highly Sensitive Person in Love, etc. I’m so glad to have your writing in my life and look forward to much more of it. (PS. Thank you for the instagram follow – jubilationchoir is me, if you hadn’t already figured that one out!)

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