WOMEN Tour Dates

Yesterday was my book’s birthday. For the occasion, I bought a necklace. And went to yoga. And went to bed early. Tomorrow is my party/reading in NYC. Feeling really lovey dovey with my publisher/editor today. We’re both so happy to be finished with this book, and even more grateful and excited that there’s been such a positive response (so far).

2 things:

Electric Literature asked me to make a mixtape for October. That was super up my alley.

Talking Novellas, Narrative, and Self-awareness with Chloe Caldwell over at Vol 1. Brooklyn

My Tour Dates for WOMEN are below:

Thursday October 17th–Los Angeles, California, Stories Cafe

Friday, Oct 24 – Northwestern, University Hall 102, 7pm

Sunday, Oct 26 – Champaign, Illinois

Monday, Oct 27 – Ann Arbor – Literati Bookstore, 7pm

Tuesday, Oct 28 – OBERLIN College, Cat in the Cream, 7:30 pm

Wed, Oct 29 – Toronto – Type Books, 7-9 pm

Thurs, Oct 30th Montreal – Drawn&Quarterly Bookstore, 7 pm 

Hope to meet/see you!!! ❤


3 thoughts on “WOMEN Tour Dates

  1. hi – Will your new book, Women be available at amazon, barnes and noble or as an e-book?

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