Relationship Writing

I designed a new class to teach at 

It begins January 20th and lasts for four weeks. We meet each Thursday and there are reading and writing assignments each week. Email me if you have questions at The class outline and sign up is here. There’s a 20 person limit, so sign up asap! I can’ say enough good things about Litreactor classes. I’ve made so many friends through teaching the classes and have watched people publish the essays they wrote in class. This is a great holiday gift for the writer in your life.

Writing About Relationships with Chloe Caldwell

Women is now available on Amazon, Powell’s, and directly from Hobart.

A few  photos from book tour. We talked a bit on tour about how much “cooler” it is if you’re a musician on tour. When you do a book tour, like we did, for books, you tell people what you’re doing and they seemed confused. Their eyes glaze over. Basically, we did nine readings in a row at various bars and bookstores and one college. We rented a van and drove from Ann Arbor, Michigan to St. Paul, Minnesota to Chicago to Indianapolis, to Champaign and back to Ann Arbor. Then from AA to Oberlin, Ohio, then to Toronto, and finally to Montreal. We set the tour up ourselves.

At a rest stop in Wisconsin
At a rest stop in Wisconsin
At Olive Garden w Scott McClanahan and Juliet Escoria
At Olive Garden in Indianapolis w Scott McClanahan and Juliet Escoria 
First reading of tour in Los Angeles at Stories Cafe
First reading of tour at Stories Cafe
EE working out her guns
EE working out her guns at some hotel
Last reading of tour
Last reading of tour


I hadn’t done karaoke in like years, then I did it three times in a month. I think we must be singing “Mmmbop” in this humiliating photo that I love.

i think we're singing "mmmBOP"
i think we’re singing “mmmBOP”

IMG_3010 (1)


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