Emily Books

WOMEN is now an Emily Book. 

Read our convo: Emily and Chloe Talk: On Being A Fan Of Yourself.  

I love when EG says this:

I feel like it’s my duty somehow to celebrate women’s grosser darker weirder aspects cause everyone has gross dark weird aspects.


Emily: It’s hard to tell sometimes whether you’re just fascinated by someone’s terribleness. On the other hand, female terribleness often has something legit and cool in it.

Chloe: Elizabeth Wurtzel for example?

Emily: I think she’s great. I totally get why people find her irritating. But she does too, I think.

Chloe:  ‘More, Now, Again’ of hers is my fave.

Emily: It’s my fave too. It’s the best one.

Chloe: Plucking the leg hairs! On ritalin!

Emily: (typing simultaneously) Dude, the compulsive leg hair plucking.

and later….

Emily: A big obstacle women writers put in their own way is not being like “I’m a genius and the shit, everything I do is golden,” which is the default setting of so many mediocre dudes.

Chloe: True. I feel, to an extent, like don’t have that obstacle.

Emily I mean, I’d say “be more Kanye” except obviously what fuels Kanye is profound insecurity, which is what makes him so sympathetic.

Chloe: The thing I feel most secure about is my writing identity.

Emily: Yeah, you’re a fan of yourself. I like that about you.

Chloe: I get so sick of women not championing themselves, putting themselves down. What other women writers do you think are fans of themselves?

Emily: And not, like, fans in a defensive overcompensate-y way?

Chloe: Right. Like, genuine.

Emily: Oh, well, lesbians. Ann Rower is a fan of herself. 

Emily Books

Learn more about Emily Books. To say I share a similar taste of books with Ruth and Emily would be an understatement. EB is how I learned about one of my fave books, The Buddhist by Dodie Bellamy, and found out about Lee and Elaine by Ann Rower, Empathy by Sarah Schulman, etc.They champion small press, women, blurred genre, nonfiction, and books that generally fall between the cracks. Can’t recommend them more!

P.S. If you’ve read WOMEN, maybe you could review it on Goodreads or Amazon? Thank you!

P.P.S. I am open for one on one memoir manuscript or personal essay editing/critiquing. Email me at cocomonet@gmail.com


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