if you like this book by a man, you’ll love this book by a woman

This made me v happy yesterday. From Buzzfeed Books by Jessica Schaffer. Cool idea.

If You Like This Book By A Man, You’ll Love This Book By A Woman

23. David Sedaris, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim → Chloe Caldwell, Legs Get Led Astray

There’s an art to addressing weighty issues with humor and grace, and both Sedaris and Caldwell have it down pat. Add to that an ear for the poetic and you get Legs Get Led Astray, Caldwell’s debut collection of essays.

Quotable line: “My mother wanted to be Betty Boop. Betty Boop was independent. Betty Boop was sexy. Betty Boop really had her shit together, you know?”


My brother totally gave me that Sedaris book, christmas….2005 maybe? On tour last month we listened to Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls on tape in the van. Effing hilarious.

I have a box of 10 LGLAS if anyone wants to purchase one.

What are you reading? I’m reading Meghan Daum’s essay collection UNSPEAKABLE. No one write essays like she does.


2 thoughts on “if you like this book by a man, you’ll love this book by a woman

  1. Your Mom forwarded the article to me and I thought it was a cool list of great books…..but then was extra happy and proud to see #23!!!!! xoxo
    Aunt Maur

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