books o 2014

Was excited to see Lena chose WOMEN as one of her favorite books of 2014 in The Guardian on Saturday. Purchase WOMEN for a friend this holiday!


It made me think about what my fave books of 2014 were. But I can’t think of any that came out in 2014 that I loved. I think I am blanking. So I’m going to list the books I read while I wrote WOMEN. I have really fond memories of this past spring, because each week I’d request a different book from the library. I read a bunch of novellas and novels about twisted relationships to inform the way I wrote WOMEN. Here they are:

Loverboy by Victoria Redel

The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison

Louise, Amended by Louise Krug

Written on The Body by Jeanette Winterson

The End of The Story by Lydia Davis

The Buddhist by Dodie Bellamy

Sita by Kate Millett

Intimacy by Hanif Kareshi

Breakup by Catherine Texier

Walks With Men by Ann Beattie

God, Irony, and Glass by Anne Carson


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