female friends o 2014

I was texting w my friend Steph last night and was like, “Yr one of my fave friends I made in 2014” and then I got inspired to make a list because I’ve made some sweet ass writer friends in the past year since I’ve moved home to New York. And some I’ve known longer than that, and some I know from Portland and Austin, etc–but in the past year we’ve cemented our friendships. Coincidentally–they are all talented writers. So click their names and it will bring you to their words and art.

It’s really popular lately to write essays about cultivating female friendships, which is interesting. It’s almost a genre.

Friend I never expected to be friends with cause she was too cool for me, but lucky me: Steph Georgopolous

Friend I get to meet in person for the first time after talking via phone and skype and text and email since August 2012 and who I ❤ like crazy: Erika Kleinman

Friend who sends me the best links and is fiercely loyal: Angela Giles Patel

Friend whose WILD success makes me wildly giddy and who I spent some much needed quality time with in Cali this past summer: Cheryl Strayed

Friend who picks up with me right where we left off, and who I have phenomenal adult sleepovers with and feel I can tell anything to: Molly Oswaks 

Friend I’ve secretly wanted to be friends with since 2010 and finally did and my life has become better with her in it, shes V generous and kind and a fantastic book and leggings reccommender: Emily Gould

Friend who I’d like to know better and whose single people dinners on IG comfort me: Ruth Curry

Friend who has an amazing novel coming out in Feb 2015 and who has been full of beautiful support and who I’m excited and proud to know: Elisa Albert

Friend who doubles as a life coach–Lena Dunham has Jenni Konner–But I have: Frances Badalamenti

Okay, I can’t call her a friend, but woman who read with me at Housing Works who I never dressed I’d be so lucky to read with: Elizabeth Wurtzel. Same goes for Domenica Ruta and Ramona Emerson. 

Friend who I know if I ever got married, I would probably have in my wedding, because she makes me feel like my best and happiest self, and friend who challenges me and I have a good book sharing system with: Karina Briski

Friend I met and then went on book tour for 3 weeks with and was charming: Mira Gonzalez

Friend I became closer with and I think I’m beginning to “get” more: Chelsea Martin 

Friend who published WOMEN and helped me turn it into an edited book rather than the mess it was: Elizabeth Ellen

Friends I made via teaching at Litreactor: Meghan Nesmith, Rennee Risher (and through them, Logan Sachon)

Friend who nerdily obsesses over vitamins with me and whose support I’m honored to possess: Lena Dunham 

Friend who I experienced Big Sur and too much wine and toast with, along with raccoon and rat sightings and who kissed my forehead when I was drunk and crying between her and Cheryl Strayed (this nite was fucked): Kristen Forbes

Friend who I made while sitting on a couch in Bushwick and clicked with quickly: Robin Grearson

Friend who is dear to me and stayed in my life longer than I expected: Milcah Orbacedo

Friend who got drunk and played OASIS  on guitar: Lucy K Shaw 

Friend who died to soon: Maggie Estep. 

Friend who is best to talk about TV shows with: Alison Pels

My soul mate friend: Eliza Plumlee.

If you’re not on this list, know that it’s because I literally did this off the top of my head in like 20 minutes and that I still ❤ you.

Me, Robin, and Steph
With Erin, Cheryl, and Kristen in Big Sur
With Erin, Cheryl, and Kristen in Big Sur
Karina, Steph, and Robin a few weekends ago.
Karina, Steph, and Robin a few weekends ago.

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